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Elemntz is one of the world’s leading companies in producing custom designed, handmade and highly exclusive products for the most luxurious projects


About Elemntz

Exclusive handmade products
Elemntz is an established producer of highly exclusive and bespoke handmade products. Whether on luxury yachts or in high-end hotels, fabulous residences or palaces’ and glamorous casinos, we delight in exceeding all our clients’ expectations.

Click on the link “projects” to see examples of glass & art, liquid metal surfaces, reliefs & sculptures and lighting

The Elemntz of quality
At Elemntz, we look for the perfect balance between materials and aesthetic from the first sketch, ensuring that we achieve the highest possible standard. Unrivalled experience gained from many years of listening and learning during our journeys around the world allows us to always find the perfect solution within the client’s vision.

The Elemntz of craftsmanship
Our positive mindset incited us to explore every detail and find creative solutions before we even start production. Elemntz’s design team and artisans are skilled craftsmen who only work by hand, ensuring for every drawing and object a unique look which cannot be created on a computer. Our fine Dutch craftsmanship, combined with transparent logic and clarity will inspire you throughout the process.

The Elemntz of fine detailing
Elemntz craftsmen consider even the smallest detail to be highly important during the production process. As none of our objects are ever reproduced, it is vital we get everything right from the outset. From sketching and engineering to production and installation, you can rest assured that we have figured out everything it takes to guarantee your satisfaction for many years to come.

The Elemntz of natural materials
We use the best natural materials like glass, wood, semi-precious stones, leather, shagreen, gold leaf, stainless steel, pewter, and many others, to create genuine added value  onboard superyachts and in world-class casinos, hotels and residences.

Continuously pushing the boundaries of design and production, our exclusive products include:

– Custom made glass doors, walls and ceilings
– The finest marquetry in the world
– Special glass structures, casting glass/pâte de verge
– The world’s largest custom-made chandeliers with LED lights
– Hand-made and custom made “yacht” lamps
– Custom-made blown glass objects
– Light weight structures in Liquide Metal (Brass, Bronze, Aluminium, Nickel Silver)

Contact details

Company name







Elemntz BV

Kastanjehoutstraat 2A

5706 XZ Helmond The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)6 24 44 25 94



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