Beekmans; The ideal retractable awning

Beekmans has developed a very special retractable awning, designed for owners who value style and a hassle-free operation as well as shade. Most retractable awnings on yachts are prototypes, a solution that can create many problems. Recognising a niche in the market, Beekmans took up the challenge to take retractable awnings to the next level.

With numerous awnings already delivered and more in production, the Beekmans system can now be described as a fully developed awning with an ingenious drive mechanism. In terms of size, however, customisation is still the name of the game and Beekmans awnings can extend up to 6,5 metres and a width of 10 metres. The company offers tailored advice at the start of each project to ensure the awning is properly integrated in the superstructure and matches the profile in every way. Beekmans also mounts the complete awning into the yacht when the overall build reaches that stage.

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