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About Cristiano Gatto Design

The philosophy behind all our projects is that beauty makes you feel better, is a source of good thinking and positive attitude.

We do prefer to create one-of-a-kind products stemming from a close collaboration between all parties involved. Interior design and exterior design, in this sense, is a comprehensive process, from the functional performances of a layout to its aesthetics. Contemporary, classic, minimalist or lavishly designed each project has its own strength and value due to the stylistic consistency we are able to create, no matter its characteristics.

Whatever its technical implications, each design involves emotions and feelings and brings a poetic and artistic dimension with it. What we do is translating our Clients’ wishes and dreams into a feasible project.

In our opinion, giving life to a made-to-measure project is what makes the difference between mass-production and art.

We never ask our Client to choose our style but to trust in our experience, creativity, flexibility which allow us to give shape to his wishes.

Cristiano Gatto Design was founded in 2001 and since then Cristiano, his partners and team have been working on an outstanding portfolio of more than 200 projects encompassing bespoke yachts, luxury homes, hotels, restaurants.

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Cristiano Gatto Design Team

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