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About Tai Ping Carpets

Tai Ping was founded in 1956 by a group of seven friends, headed by Sir Lawrence Kadoorie, a prominent businessman and philanthropist. It began as a project to preserve China’s tradition of handmade carpets and to protect a generation of craftspeople fleeing Mainland China.

Shortly after its launch, Anthony Yeh, an engineer and one of the company’s directors, developed the world’s first motorized hand-tufting gun, which allowed carpets to be made faster and more efficiently, marking a turning point for the company. Today, the hand-tufting gun is used throughout the industry.

In 1957, Tai Ping opened a showroom in Hong Kong beside The Peninsula Hong Kong Hotel. In 1959, production moved to larger premises in Tai Po in Hong Kong’s New Territories, which remained the company headquarters and main factory for the next 32 years.

In the 1970s, the launch of a Paris showroom introduced Tai Ping to an international market, particularly in Europe and Asia. When China began opening up for business, Tai Ping was among the pioneers to establish a factory on the mainland. In 1991 Tai Ping moved all production from Hong Kong to the factory at Nanhai in neighboring Guangdong province.

In 2005, Tai Ping opened a New York City flagship in the former site of artist Andy Warhol’s famed studio, The Factory.

That same year, Tai Ping acquired Edward Fields, an American manufacturer of bespoke carpets. Edward Fields has its own New York City flagship, along with studios operating from Tai Ping showrooms in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco.

In 2010, Tai Ping purchased La Manufacture Cogolin, the French producer of hand-woven Jacquard carpets, founded by Jean Lauer in 1924. Under Tai Ping direction, the company’s original workshops were restored, a new visual identity was created and a new Paris showroom was opened in June 2012.

Also in June 2012, Tai Ping launched a new European flagship on Rue Montalembert in Paris conceived by Belgian born, Paris-based designer Ramy Fischler.

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