News: Elemntz masterpieces on MY Scout

Last year, we finished one of the most exceptional superyacht project builds, all to our world-famous Dutch quality standard.

For this project, Elemntz worked in close cooperation with the H2 design team based in London and with Hakvoort Shipyard in Monnickendam.

The H2 design team’s request was simple: take a look at the renderings and tell us whether it’s feasible to create this design for the client. “As always,” says Creative Director Erik-Jan van Berkel, “‘no’ was not an acceptable answer!”

Designer Jonny Horsfield: “The overall interior aesthetic can best be described as Jules Verne meets Ian Fleming meets Fritz Lang. We were inspired by the underwater world, sea creatures, and this industrial, nautical design philosophy – with a hint of a Bond villain’s lair.”

The project involved Elemntz having to create metal structures that looked vintage, aged with a patina and special effects. We used liquid metal, adding our own creativity and expertise to obtain the desired look. After some sampling, the client and designer approved our design and we started production.

Jonny had also asked us to find a solution for the lounge ceiling. The owners had requested two simple things: firstly, to feel as if the sun was shining into the lounge during the day and secondly, to see the sky and stars at night.

Because there were more decks located above the lounge, achieving this was simply not possible. Instead, Elemntz came up with a unique solution: a custom-made round television, fitted into the ceiling. This was a major challenge but the result is spectacular.

The photograph is of the master bedroom. Elemntz manufactured and supplied the water-ripple ceiling and the glass panels behind the bed, and also worked on the vintage diving helmet.

For more information, please contact Elemntz!

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