About us

After working in the superyacht industry for more than ten years, Erik-Jan van Berkel, creative director at Elemntz.com, decided to go on an exciting new venture.

At Elemntz we work in a highly demanding market where we’ve created some genuine masterpieces on superyachts. Unfortunately, we cannot display our products due to the need to respect client privacy.

This means that pictures of actual interiors are rarely if ever possible on Elemntz.com. What’s more, designers, yards or owners are not looking for us on the internet unless they already know about us.

This is a problem that other suppliers face… Which led us to ask a question:

Is there a way to show potential clients our work onboard superyachts while still respecting our current clients’ need for privacy?

The answer is Superyachtfinest.com.

This dedicated website will give us and other specialised suppliers the opportunity to reach new potential clients and show our work on each superyacht.

Superyachtfinest.com is building a reputation as the leading search platform for all suppliers. It is a trusted source of information and inspiration for superyacht professionals.

Superyachtfinest.com was established with the intention of becoming an indispensable online network of trusted superyacht suppliers, designers, interior builders and owners. Our goal is to create the largest and most inspiring superyacht community in the industry we all love.

A Superyacht Show online, 365 days a year!

Join us today.

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