Tradition and innovation

Tradition and innovation have been the driving force behind Besenzoni


About Besenzoni

The tradition to be always at the forefront.
A world leader in the design and manufacturing of boating accessories, Besenzoni Spa manufacturers many products: external and retracting hydraulic gangways, cranes, pilot seats, electric side door and Patio door, bathing ladders and side ladders, sliding roof systems, tender slide, electric windows, hydraulic lifting platforms and many more articles. For forty years now, tradition and innovation have been the driving force behind this company which has successfully combined careful attention to design and aesthetics with intensive research & development work.
When innovation is a family feature.
During the entire duration of our existence,from the first day we established the business, up until the present day , Besenzoni has stood out from other competitors due to our outstanding ability to create and innovate modern day sea products and boating accessories.

Besenzoni was born from its founder’s farsightedness, Mr. Giovanni Besenzoni, and this Bergamo-based firm has chosen technological research as a drive of its continuous growth. The Company has seen  fundamental contribution and input from  Mr. Giovanni’s son contribution, Mr. Giorgio Besenzoni, who has managed to combine the special care of design skills with  intensive research and development work. Besenzoni  is the origin of many  important nautical innovation such as: hydraulic  stern platform with ladder and remote-controlled hydraulic gangways.

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